Fun Factor

Fun Factor

Make math class everyone’s favorite part of the day with Fun Factor!

What we offer:

Lively math lessons for the K-5 classroom

  • Hands-on activities to help kids experience math in a whole new way
  • All lessons aligned to K-5 math standards
  • Select from a suite of activities that best serve student needs

Teacher PD

  • Co-developed with Columbia Teachers College
  • Shows how lessons tap common-sense, research proven practices:
  • Giving students hands-on learning opportunities
  • Letting students engage in productive struggle and the thrill of victory
  • Revealing the math in students’ favorite aspects of daily life
  • Facilitating creative problem-solving

We’re excited to partner with schools and districts to pilot these innovative math experiences at a low cost. For more information, contact Shayna Sackett-Gable, Director of Pedagogy, at

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