Crazy 8s Testimonials

Crazy 8s Testimonials

Crazy 8s is fast becoming America’s favorite math club for elementary kids, with more than 5,000 clubs serving tens of thousands of kids. Here are a few comments from coaches:

I love how your activities engage the students and show them how math can be so fun! The kids come in and cannot wait to find out what we’re doing next… I feel like all the materials are quality and appropriate for the tasks. The instructions are clear and grade appropriate. There hasn’t been anything the kids didn’t have fun with, from the glow stick shapes and tessellations to the zip-line and dice throwing… Thank you for the opportunity to pilot the program.

— Corinne Downey, Crazy 8s Coach at JKL Bahweting Annishinabe School, Sault Ste Marie, MI

The kids LOVED “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo”! It was super fun because they were borderline out of control, but completely on task. They were so into it. They also loved rolling the dice — we had bouncy dice flying all over the place! Kids were crawling under chairs and counters and sinks to see what they rolled. It was hilarious!

— Shannon Schinagl, Crazy 8s Coach, Newburyport, MA Public Library

Parents LOVED the club! They all wanted to know if we were going to do more in the future. A number of the parents have kids in the older groups as well and I have heard nothing but positive feedback. Parents thought even the activities that were harder for the kids were great learning opportunities.

— Kristine Russell, Crazy 8s Coach, Ladera Ranch, CA Public Library

Crazy 8s was different, exciting, and engaging. As a facilitator, the mapped out lessons were super helpful, and easy to follow and implement… One parent who is a math specialist at an elementary school told me she thinks it is such a great idea to do this in preschool — she was familiar with Bedtime Math and was excited to see it featured at our school. It truly was a huge hit!

— Kristy Mathews, Crazy 8s Coach at Kids’ Adventures Academy, Silver Spring, MD

The programs are AWESOME! I am so pleased to be able to offer the Crazy 8s Series to our patrons. PS I was so pleased with the TP Olympic lesson that in addition to the program I had originally offered for preschoolers — I also shared it with two Cub Scout groups who toured our library this month!

— Barbra Krueger, Crazy 8s Coach, Dorsch Memorial Library, Monroe, MI

I am very struck by the creativity of these programs and *high* quality of the materials. The kids are having a terrific time.

— Roberta Panjwani, Crazy 8s Coach, Ridgewood, NJ Public Library

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