Best of Bedtime Math: Worth the Trip

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Best of Bedtime Math: Worth the Trip

June 11, 2015

In our last Best of Bedtime Math post, we shared stories about road trips that didn’t end well. But a lot can go right on a journey too, and there are some places worth seeing no matter how hard it is to get there. With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite places we’ve read about, but haven’t been to…yet:

-It’s pretty much guaranteed that kids will act like wild animals during any vacation, so why not hang out with some at the Giraffe Hotel?

-Or perhaps you’d rather get wise with some owls over coffee?

-If you truly want to get away, it’s hard to beat being invisible. Branch out in this mirage-like mirrored treehouse!

-Original football fans can kick it in a dream house styled after a soccer ball. (Some shin guards and imagination required.)

-And the musically minded can step inside a 2-story piano that’s no baby, all grand.

-You won’t need any air conditioning to keep cool inside the Ice Hotel.

-On second thought, maybe you should just let that hotel melt and pour the ice water down the world’s tallest water slide.

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